EFT or to give its full title Emotional Freedom Technique is a hugely effective system for helping a person to release physical or mental issues that are affecting their life. These could be giving up a habit such as smoking or overeating, it could be that a person has low self-confidence or anxiety. Eft can also assist with memories from the past, either distant past such as childhood trauma or recent past for example a challenging work situation, such as redundancy.

EFT gives back control to the person, simply through tapping two fingertips together on specific areas or meridian energy points on the face and body. The great thing about EFT is you never need to even mention what your issue is, you don’t need to discuss it at all. EFT founder Gary Craig advises both emotional and physical pain can be reduced and bring the body back into balance, leaving you feeling more energised.

This is a technique that can be used by people both young and old alike, you can be sitting or standing whilst tapping. Simply let me guide you through the tapping routine and, find yourself feeling calm and empowered. The positive benefits can last far longer than just the length of your session.

I have gained a Level 3 certification in EFT, this gives me a thorough understanding of how this therapy works and the best way to use it on each individual.

Treatment Cost: £40

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