Past life regression or PLR for short can be a wonderful tool to help explore the subconscious mind. Perhaps you have an affinity for a place you have no physical connection with or a fear that no-one else in your family shares and you cannot find a logical explanation for.  Perhaps you find yourself caught in a cycle of behaviour, that doesn’t benefit you, but you feel powerless to stop repeating. Maybe the answer can be found hidden in the memory of a previous lifetime.

During a PLR session, hypnosis is used for guiding a client into a state of deep relaxation, a series of questions are asked, what does the client see or hear, how do they feel? with their subconscious mind open a person can access memories, resolve emotions and gain knowledge on that life that can address issues in your current one.

Linking into past lives can be a spiritual experience, healing occurs from acceptance of the past, a specific belief in reincarnation is not necessary.

Treatment Cost: £50

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